Will you have an electric bike in your garage in the future?

Will you have an electric bike in your garage in the future?

Nowadays, you will find many home garages no longer have two or three cars in Europe and the United States, but switch to more environmentally friendly electric bikes, so that the garage free of charge for extra life, work or storage space. An emerging alternative is through electric bikes, often referred to as electric bikes. How will an electric bike compare with a traditional vehicle?

Electric Bicycles vs Cars

Whether you use an electric bicycle as an occasional substitute for your car or as your sole means of transportation, cutting down on or eliminating gasoline-powered automobile usage will significantly reduce your carbon footprint. In addition, electric bikes cost significantly less than cars. The main cost of electric bicycles is the electricity used for charging each year, and you do not have to pay registration fees and insurance premiums. 

Use electric bikes, on the road you will not be blocked because of traffic, and into an infinite wait. Use an electric bike to stop when you do not have to spend time and money, you only need a good bike lock. Use an electric bike when you go home, you only need a small piece of real estate to store your vehicle, will not take up your great space.

There are shortcomings. Electric bicycles can not cover your weather like a car. If you buy a large load (such as groceries), you need to pay.Will you have an electric bike in your garage in the future?

Electric Bikes vs Public Transportation

In many countries, public relations traffic is inconvenient and unreliable.Every trip, it is difficult to predict how long it will take the trip. And frequently, bus, train, or subway service has limited hours of operation. With an electric bike, you can control the time required to reach your destination, and you can travel at any time, not subject to various factors.

E-bikes vs Conventional Bicycles

While traditional muscle-powered bikes provide a great workout and never require recharging, the electric version does have an edge in some areas, especially for those who are riding to their workplace or business meetings.Today a large segment of the population is feeling the effects of aging but still wants to remain physically active. E-bicycles offer a choice between the electric function and pedaling. They are safe and comfortable for people with knee problems, heart disease, or exercise-induced asthma.

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