How to choose electric bike tire

How to choose electric bike tireChoosing the right tyre is even more important on an elelctric bicycle.A good electric bicycle tire can help you avoid falt tires,which is even more important beacuse charging a falting tyre on a hub motor wheel can be a real pain in the behind.How to choose electric bike tire

City bike tire guide

Most city e bike riders,especially those who ride mainly on pravement,will want tires with a smooth tread pattern.For road cycling enthusiasts,we have a great range of range bicycle tyre at Shuangye electriccity bike.

shuangye e bike providig a balance between grip,low rolling resistance and comfort.

How to choose electric bike tireHow to choose electric bike tire

Mountain  bike tire guide

Shuangye having a wide range mountain e bike tyre for you to choose

Mountain bike tyre are great for wet and muddy trails,which is required more pedal power beacuse there’s more contact with ground.A good pountain bike tyre will provide grip,cushioning and puncture potection.

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