What determines the performance of electric bicycles

electric bicycle performance

Electric bicycles, motors, batteries and controllers have three core components, which are the key to the performance of electric bicycles.


The power of the motor is very important. If the power is too small, the electric bicycle’s load capacity, speed, acceleration and climbing capacity will be limited. In particular, the ability to climb the slope and the motor power is directly related, so if the road has a lot of steep slopes, it is recommended to choose high-power motor.Shuangye has different specifications of the motor, such as 36V/48V;250W/350W /500W.

shuangye electric bike motor


The battery is the power of electric bicycles. Most electric bicycles now use lead-acid batteries or lithium batteries. Double electric bicycles with high-density energy and short charging time of high-quality lithium batteries. Most electric use of cheap lead-acid batteries to reduce costs. Low-quality batteries in the process of charging or use of the accident may occur, and low-quality battery life is also very short, after a period of time the energy will soon disappear. The safety and service life of the battery is considered the most important issue, so choosing a high quality battery is necessary.Importantly, Shuangye has several lithium battery. It would be a pretty choice for you . 

shuangye e-bike battery

3. controller

The controller is the control center of the electric bicycle. If you need a strong electric bike, you need to have a high-power controller, and the quality of the controller is also very important, so that each part of the electric bike can be very good together. With the high power , Shuangye has the high-quality controller ,which will bring a strong electric bike to you .

shuangye e-bike controller

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