Riding precautions


What aspects should be noted during the ride?

1. Note that personal safety

You must first bring a helmet, to avoid accidents, such as falling.

2. Attention to sunscreen

in most cases we are riding exposed to the sun, especially in the summer, so hot weather must be prepared for sunscreen; you can rub on sunscreen and sunscreen.

3 . Attention to the law of speed

Such as uphill can drop a file can ride more easily, flat road is transferred to the most appropriate location.

4 .Note that the distance before and after the car can not be too close

Cycling need to control the speed of a good car, so as to effectively control the rear-end and accident.

When the first ride speed, the speed should not be too fast, the time is not too long, until the body to adapt and then accelerated and overtime.

When riding a long time, pay attention to change the cycling posture, so that the body’s center of gravity has moved, you can enjoy the ride better.

5 Glasses

Riding glasses in addition to the general role of the common movement of glasses, the most important role is to block ultraviolet radiation. Most of the riders are riding on the road, and in the big sun days, the road to the sun’s reflection effect is much stronger than the mud or grass.

6. Before going out, you must check whether the bike is intact and whether the riding tool is ready.


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