On the trend of electric bicycles

When you need to buy an electric bike, you need to understand the current trend of electric bicycles.

On the trend of electric bicyclesOne bike trend that’s hard to ignore is electric bikes, also known as e-bikes. The promise of being able to ride further, faster, for longer appeals to many people, but how do e-bikes work? How fast can e-bikes go and what’s the legality of them? 

E-bikes are winning lots of fans in Continental Europe, though the UK and USA have been a little slower to catch on. That could be partly because of worries that it’s “not really cycling”, or simply confusion over how they work. 

On the trend of electric bicycles

Do I need an e-bike licence and insurance?

In most countries you don’t need e-bike licence or insurance. As mentioned already, in the UK and Europe you’ll need to get a licence if it’s capable of going more than 25kph (16mph). 

In the United States, the picture is a bit more complicated — it depends on which state you’re in, but generally most e-bikes don’t need a licence or insurance provided they can’t go more than 20mph. In Australia, you won’t need a licence or insurance provided it won’t help you go faster than 25kph.

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