How to extend electric bike battery life

You can get up to double the life of your battery expected life

How to extend electric bike battery life

The battery for your electric bike is typically worth about a third of the value of the electric bike,so,it is necessary to choose a qualified battery and take care of it.

Most people will not ride their ebike 500 times in their lifetime,500 charge will take nearly anyone a longtime to get through.So our first advice is nnot to worry about it and ride it like you stole it.By the time your ebike battery is used up,there will probably be some amazing technilogy around you will want to replcae your old clunky battery anyway

How to extend electric bike battery life

KEY One:Keep Battery Cool

Environmental condition are an important fator affecting lithium battery .for emample,leavig one inn your car in the hot sun will gurabtee you lessen the life of your battery.In fact,that would be the worst situation:keeping a fully charged battery at elewated temperaures.It’s a good key of thumb to store your bike out of the direct sunlight for long periods and when not in use,keep your battery in a cool place, perferably below 20℃

How to extend electric bike battery life

Key Two:Lithium battery only need to be charged when it needed

You don’t have to charge your battery after every use,but remember don’t regularly fully discharge your battery.reguarly dischargeing lithium battery to 0% is harmful and partial discharges with regular top-ups are recomended to entend rhe recharge-cycl life span of the battery.

How to extend electric bike battery life

Key Three:Know your lowest voltage off limit

Here is typical low voltage cut off some popular 18650 packs.Low voltage cut off(LVC)will vary depending on which cells you are using.never use the wrong charger to charging your electric bike.

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