fat tire electric bike A7AB26 Detail images

An electric fat bike with a 250/350/500 watt in the rear wheel,provides excellent stablity on sofe terrain,20/26 inch frame for your choice.fat tire electric bike A7AB26 Detail imagesFat tire: as anyone ever going into the soft terrain like sand, snow, mud or over obstacles like curbs, stairs or logs, they would know front wheel drive torque does it better

Power Brake Handle: powerful and reliable braking

fat tire electric bike A7AB26 Detail images

LCD Display:Range information, battery capacity in %, time, speed, total or journey distance.

Saddle:Bike provides a smooth, marshmallow ride whether you’re conquering hills or charging through headwindsfat tire electric bike A7AB26 Detail imagesBottle battery:Convenient Lithium battery, offering a very controlled consumption to increase range and lengthening the useful life of the battery

Brush-less motor: Pushing harder delivers more power

26 inch Fat tire beach electric bike comfortable saddle

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